Furnace Repair and Upgrades

While summers in Alberta and the rest of Canada are nice, warm and sunny, the winter is a totally different story. It can be extremely cold and snowy, which can lead most of us not to want to leave our warm homes. However, in order to have a warm home, you need a working furnace.

The last thing you want to do is forget to get your furnace checked in the summer or fall, only to have it mysteriously stop working in the winter. And with it only being a matter of time until your furnace needs to be serviced, there is no better time to do it than the present. In general, you will want to get your furnace looked at and serviced annually to ensure everything is working as expected.

However, in addition to knowing how often to get it serviced, it is also very important to know the warning signs of a damaged furnace. One major thing to look out for is if the air begins to blow weakly or if your furnace is blowing cold air. Another potential sign of damage in your furnace is a lot of dust coming out of your furnace, which might mean that your furnace isn't able to clean your air, which is obviously a huge issue.

Consider a High-Efficiency Furnace Upgrade

Other things to watch out for are things like strange noises, odd smells, increased heating bills, dirty air filters and more. If you notice any of these issues we have spoken about, or have experienced something else that you believe signifies a broken furnace, don't hesitate to call and get your furnace inspected.

In addition to making sure you get your furnace fixed and looked at, you might want to consider upgrading to a high-efficiency model. High efficiency furnaces will save you money, can offer better air flow and will generally last longer than traditional models.

As for what it costs to fix, repair or replace your furnace, that will depend on what you need to get done. However, we are confident that we can find a solution that will fit anyone's budget.

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