That old rubber hose on your washer won't last forever.

Eventually it will crack or split, and leak, causing expensive water damage. Here are four ways you can prevent a watery disaster.

Shut off the water

There are usually taps near the washer that supply it with hot and cold water. Shut these off when the washer isn't being used. While not convenient in some cases, it's the easiest way to reduce wear and tear on the hoses, and some washer manufacturers actually recommend it.

Replace it

If you can't remember when you last replaced your washer hoses, it's probably time to do it. They should be replaced every five years. Replacing them is pretty easy - shut off the water supply, remove the old hoses by unscrewing the garden hose type connectors, connect the new hoses by hand-tightening, give the connectors a final tightening with pliers to finish the job, then turn the water supply back on and check for leaks.

Stainless steel

While you're replacing the hose, consider an upgrade. Stainless steel washer hoses are a lot sturdier and less prone to cracking and bursting. Better yet, they're not that expensive. Check your local hardware store, or ask us about where to find them.

Emergency shutoff

Think about installing an emergency shutoff valve. When it senses a water leak, it shuts off the water supply automatically and sounds an alarm. Again, the hardware store is your best bet for finding one, or just contact us to find out where you can get one.

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