The water filtration business is filled with a lot of technical language, so it may be difficult to cut through the jargon. Here are a few suggestions via this article that may make your water filtration decisions easier.

First, what are your needs? Decide where you need filtered water - is it just for drinking, or for bathing and showering too? Some of your water, for flushing toilets for example, will be utility water, the kind you wouldn't want to use filtered water for anyway.

If you're going all-out, you'll probably start with a pre-filter for the entire house's water supply, which will remove dirt and most of the chlorine. Next, add a water softener to rid your utility water of minerals. If you have a softener, consider adding a reverse osmosis system to remove the salts from the water softening process. Then, you'll be looking at where the final filtration will happen, such as an under-counter filter for a sink, or an inline filter for a shower head.

Now, for the drinking water filtration. Ideally, it should have a 0.5 micron filter, with an NSF International certification. This will take out the largest percentage of contaminants possible. If there are any specific contaminants you're concerned about, such as chloramines or trihalomethanes, make sure your filtration system will remove them.

You may want to do some reading beyond this article. A good place to start is NSF International, mentioned above. In addition to certifying water filtration systems, they have information on filter types. Many states and provinces apply their drinking water standards to their own public water treatment programs. You may need to do some extensive research to find a water filtration system that will meet your needs, but the one criterion you should always look for is an NSF certification. All reputable manufacturers have it.

Stainless steel housings for water filters are the best, and the most durable. They can operate under constant house pressure. Look for a good warranty on the housing.

Find out the cost of replacement cartridges. Some systems that seem like a bargain will soak you in cartridge costs.

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