Sewer line repair is best left to the professionals, but there are some things that are useful for homeowners to know about them.

Here are a list of signs of sewer line problems, and some tips on how to keep your line clear.

What can cause sewer lines to crack?

  • Old pipes. The older a sewer line is, the more likely it's developed cracks.
  • Tree roots. Trees can grow into a sewer line and block it partially or completely.
  • Lack of maintenance. Sewer lines should get regular cleaning, to prevent problems from happening in the first place.
  • Underground work near the sewer line. A utility company crew or other work crew may have done some work near the sewer line and either disturbed it or put stress on it.

Signs and symptoms of sewer line problems

  • A bad odour in your basement. The smell of sewage or other waste may be a sign that sewage is not getting to the city's sewer line.
  • Bubbling sounds in your sink or toilet. This sound may mean air is unable to escape your sewer line.
  • Sewage backup. The most obvious and least pleasant sign.

Tips for keeping sewer lines clear

Simply put, watch what you put in your sewer.

  • Don't pour cooking grease down the drain. It can solidify, build up and clog or block the pipes.
  • Don't flush anything that's not flushable. Paper towels, diapers, and even some "flushable" wipes can cause blockages.

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