FYI: Why a professional should install gas lines & appliances

You may be tempted to try and work on the gas lines in your home yourself, but it may be more complicated than you think. Here's why hiring professionals like Access Plumbing is the smart choice.

Licensed and bonded

Hiring a contractor like Access that's licensed and bonded will protect you in case of a leak or other hazard. If you do the work yourself, you won't have that protection.

Permits and inspections

A professional will make sure that all the work needed before and after the job, like the proper permits and inspections, is done completely and correctly. If you do it yourself, and you miss an important step, you may have to rip out all your work - or pay a contractor to rip it out for you and install it again. If a fire is caused by a DIY gas line installation, insurance may not cover it.

With something as potentially dangerous as natural gas, better to get a professional installer with the experience and know-how. Better safe than sorry.

Got more questions about gas line installation? Get in touch with us. It's your Access.

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