• They may not be just for public washrooms anymore.
    It may be an ideal addition to a workshop. Saves the hassle of cleaning up just to come into the house.
  • It may be a better option for people with mobility issues. For example, a urinal takes up less floor space, which means more room for wheelchairs or walkers. And standing from a sitting position may be easier than going from one seated posture to another.
  • It may allow a couple to use one bathroom at the same time, assuming a certain level of comfort.
  • A common bathroom in a rental property or holiday home may allow for multiple users at the same time, and make better use of limited space.
  • Potty training for boys may take on an interesting dimension.
  • If you install a waterless urinal, you'll save water, obviously. They're also not much more expensive than a regular urinal, and only require a connection to the drain stack.

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