Corner, round, square, rectangular, with or without a roof - when it comes to showers, the options run the gamut.

The first aspect to consider is obviously space, both in the bathroom itself and for transporting the various parts of the shower through your home. A modular shower will fit just about anywhere; this prefabricated shower kit comes in several pieces that are assembled in the bathroom. If you opt for a single-piece shower, which is delivered in one piece, you need to make sure it will fit through all your doors.

Another popular option is a custom-built shower stall, with tiled walls and glass doors. This project is within reach of most do-it-yourselfers and allows you to personalize your shower as you wish.

Shower doors come in various styles: swinging (pivot), sliding, bifold, or simply a panel. It is important to choose good-quality mechanisms.

A wide spectrum of accessories are available for showers: recessed halogen lights, foot rests, handles, towel racks, moulded shelves, multiple jets, mist and spray systems, etc.

If space is limited in your bathroom, a tub-shower combination is the way to go. By adding an elegant glass door, beautiful tiles and some well-chosen accessories, you’ll be amazed at the look you can achieve!

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