Whether you're doing a complete bathroom renovation, or just replacing your existing tub, there are probably a lot more options now than when you last looked at tubs. Here's a list of options to consider as you pick out your next bathtub.

  • Tub types – They fall into six main categories:
    • Three wall alcove - the most familiar and common type, meant to be surrounded by walls on three sides. The fourth side is part of the tub and extends down to the bathroom floor.
    • Corner - Walls on two sides, usually comes in a triangle shape.
    • Freestanding - No walls needed, can install anywhere in the bathroom where there's space. Also the easiest to install.
    • Drop in - Similar to a countertop sink, this tub is put into a cut out in a surface.
    • Undermount - Again, like some sinks, this one appears to be mounted under the surface, but is usually installed first, then the "countertop" goes on top. Hardest to install.
    • Walk in - No climbing or crawling, this tub installs like a three wall alcove, but has a waist-high wall in front with a watertight door. Like the name suggests, you walk in and can sit on a stool as you bathe. Perfect for people with low-mobility challenges.
  • Additional features - think about whether you want a jetted tub - whirlpool or air.
  • Material - More options here, but keep in mind they may make your tub heavier, less durable or more expensive. Besides the more common enamelled steel and fibreglass, there's cast iron, acrylic, copper and more.
  • Faucet and shower combos - many installations add a shower to the tub's taps and faucet, but you may want to consider what a bathing-only option does for the bathroom. Besides wall mounts, floor and deck mounts are available as well.
  • Shower surrounds - Maybe you're good with the traditional rod and curtain, but some innovative shower surrounds are now available, like glass half-surrounds that eliminate the need for a curtain.
  • Size your tub - Measure your bathroom and the space where you plan to put your tub. Make as many measurements as you can, in case you get to the showroom and change your mind about tub type.
  • Safety features - What about grab bars? Textured tub floor surfaces? You can always add these later, but if you're in renovation mode, it may be a good idea to install them with the tub, or get one with these features built-in.

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