With so many different options available for bathroom sinks these days, how do you narrow them down? Here's a list grouped by category that may help you in your quest for the perfect sink.

  • Consider style – You'll want to select a sink that matches your bathroom's existing look, or if you're renovating, its planned look.
  • Consider space – A small bathroom will limit your options for sinks.
  • Choose an installation type - There are six of these:
    • Drop in - the most common. The sink fits into a hole cut in the countertop.
    • Undermount - the opposite of drop in. The sink fits underneath the countertop hole.
    • Vessel - looks like a bowl sitting on the countertop, like a wash basin
    • Vanity - the sink is sold as part of a cabinet system, can include the fixtures such as a faucet, and ties together well
    • Wall mounted - allows for no cabinet underneath
    • Pedestal - supported by a single column
  • Choose a material - Besides the classics like porcelain and white enamelled metal, there are a lot of other material choices: stone and granite, cast iron and copper, fireclay and vitreous china, even glass.
  • Shallow sinks - The shallower a sink is, the more likely you'll have wet countertops and floors, as they're more prone to splashing.
  • Pre-drilled holes - Sinks with this option either have three holes (spout and two taps) or one hole (single-handle faucets).

Need more advice on bathroom sinks? Get in touch with us. We also have a large selection in our showroom, so you can see your options in person.

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