Access Plumbing in Edmonton & St. Albert

Access Plumbing Company in Edmonton / St. Albert

Access Plumbing services Edmonton, St. Albert, and surrounding areas, has an award-winning showroom, and provides maintenance, service and repairs.

Winner of the 2016 CHBA plumbing showroom of the year award!

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Welcome to Access Plumbing! What brings you here?

Maybe you need help with a small job, like a leaky faucet. Maybe you have something more ambitious in mind, like replacing your hot water tank. You might be keen on tackling a plumbing job yourself, or you prefer to get a professional to do it for you.

No matter what it is, welcome! We can help.

At Access Plumbing, we've got over 30 years of plumbing and heating experience and expertise. We offer a wide range of plumbing and heating services, like installation, maintenance and repairs. We can supply you with bathroom fixtures, water softeners, water heaters and tanks, sumps, and more - a wide selection of products, all from leading manufacturers.

Our customers tell us we give them efficient, quality service. That's great to hear, because that's what we're in business to do. We believe you'll experience a level of service that few can match, and we never stop improving what we do and how we do it.

Here on the Access Plumbing website, you can discover the many products and services we offer. And if you're a hardcore do-it-yourselfer, we've got lots of information and advice to help you tackle that next project, along with on-demand expert advice from our friendly family of professionals.

So, once again, welcome! We're known for giving customers the information and service they need, quickly and efficiently. We're so accessible, we decided to put it in our name - Access Plumbing.

Access Plumbing General Manager David Tougas

David Tougas

P.S. Got a question? Fill out our handy contact form, or call us at 780.459.5999. We look forward to hearing from you!

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